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About us

Logic Work is a certified recruitment agency that is made up of an international team of HR experts. Our knowledge as well as experience have helped us connect qualified employees and employers, representing various branches of industries, together. We know the difference between being good and being the best. We are also aware that a talented worker is the biggest value of your company so we do our best to discover the employees’ strong points and match them with your business needs.


Every job and every job seeker is different

Dozens of satisfied clients from Germany, Austria and Denmark representing various branches of industry, be they: hospitality and gastronomy, agriculture, construction, order picking, production and transport are our great pride.
We hope your company will join them soon!


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You can contact us via email or telephone. If you are short of time – filling an order form will be enough. Our team will contact you soon.


Better to ask the way than to go astray


You will get a link which is a direct order form. By filling it in using your smartphone or computer you can precisely define the requirements concerning the employee you are searching for in just a few minutes!

Tell us what your business needs are and we will come up with a workforce solution.

Besides checking the candidates’ references, qualifications, level of education as well as experience and the command of foreign languages, we make sure the candidates have adequate personality traits, be they:

motivation to do the job

positive attitude

reliability to get the job done

professional conduct

Logic Work Team will provide you with profiles of chosen candidates but the final decision of hiring the candidate is up to you.

Having known your detailed requirements and needs, our team starts the recruitment process at once. It usually takes up to 5 working days to present you the profiles of chosen candidates for you.

It is the employee’s duty to cover all the costs connected with travelling to the workplace. Logic Work helps the employees finding the best transport solution. You get the exact arrival date to the workplace.


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